Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Gaza's Power

Gazans have long, and rightly, been known for their ingenuity, learning as they must continually to survive ever new and increasing challenges. Here is the latest. Below are photos of battery cells that are being manufactured in Gaza to supply power during the regular outages. Power is typically on for 8 hours, then off for 8.

This is exceptionally valuable because they are beginning to replace to noxious gas generators that everyone bought after the Cast Lead Operation, 18 days of massive shelling at the end of 2008 spilling over to 2009. Beyond over 1, 300 killed, there was massive destruction to infrastructure, including the power plants.

For either primary or reserve power for their homes or businesses, Gazans bought thousands of small diesel generators that were imported via the tunnels under the Gaza-Egyptian border.

When our research team has been in  Gaza since that assault ended, the noise and air pollution of those thousands of generators was staggering -- and extremely dangerous to health.

Below are pictures of one of the new electric replacements, found in the home of one of my friends in Nuseirat Camp.

The availability of such comes none too soon . . . since Egypt closed the tunnels a few weeks ago.

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