Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Not to be Overlooked: The Destruction of Khuza'a and Abasan

This will be my only post specifically documenting the level of destruction of Gaza. Journalists have done it in part; but, otherwise, it would be too difficult to decide which of the several hundred photos I took--of Beit Hanoun, Gaza City, Shejaia, and the villages east of historic Khan Yunis Khan Yunis, including Khuza'a Khuza'a and Abasan--to share
(contact me if you'd like to see the full set of photos).
 Referring to these latter two villages--in the southern part of the Strip and both with histories of military destruction--Fuad, a friend from Khan Yunis, bemoaned all of the media attention to Shejaia (to the  north). "What occurred there was nothing compared to Khuza'a and Abasan."  (See yesterday's NY Times piece by Fares Akram Fares Akram).
 Here a mix of scenes, that need little explanation:



Crater from F-16 missile

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